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Venecia residence provides an array of elegant apartments and villas that suits various lifestyles by providing essential facilities and services such as ( Swimming pool, Gym, Beauty Salon, Laundry, Restaurant cafe shop, Outdoor Kids Area,  Mini Market, House Keeping, and High Security).
All furniture is provided from the best retail shops in Riyadh city, to suit your convenience and comfort. 
We are proud to meet your needs that achieve your goal and satisfaction. 
We provide you with the suitable space that serves your needs.
We did not forget you madam displaying your personal needs. 
Providing you with all the services that you are looking for. 
We offer a calm environment for your child to interact and learn during your shopping. 


Amenities And Srevices

  • Swimming pool

  • GYM

  • Private Parking

  • Mini Market

  • Beauty Salon

  • Outdoor Kids Area

  • Laundry

  • Restaurant Cafe shop

Compund Photos

Types Of Units:

- 3 bedroom Villa, - 330 sqm, Rent - (SAR)185,000

- 3 bedroom Villa, - 238 sqm, Rent - (SAR)145,000

- 2 bedroom Apartment, - 105 sqm, Rent - (SAR) 95,000

- 1 bedroom Apartment GF, - 85 sqm, Rent - (SAR) 85,000

- 1 bedroom Apartment, - 73 sqm, Rent - (SAR) 80,000